Our Practice

Trotter Studio Associato offers a wide range of professional services, by applying the vast experience and versatile aptitude of its Attorneys and Chartered Accountants.


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Main activities

These range from company reorganisation to financial taxation, the setting up of real estate funds to planning generation handovers, from the transition to international accounting standards to structuring an acquisition operation. In all these areas the Practice is able to assist its clients with both ordinary activities and those that are much more "extraordinary".

It is specifically the latter that characterise the specialist approach and across the board set up that makes Trotter Studio Associato stand out when it comes to creating, managing and finalising complex projects.


Trotter Studio Associato's clients are mainly medium and large sized companies, some of which have shares quoted on the regulated Italian or foreign markets, and are part of family assets or private equity funds. They operate in various sectors: financial, industrial, IT and services (transport, tourism, brokering, and management consultancy).

In addition, in recent years Trotter Studio Associato launched a financial advisory service to deal with debt restructuring plans and company rehabilitations, gaining recognition as a leading player when it comes to negotiating and defining inter-bank agreements on restructuring of debt positions, for projects aimed at restoring balance to distressed economic and financial situations.

In this area, Trotter Studio Associato has also been appointed to prepare economic and financial plans, and to come up with and implement supporting financial manoeuvres, as well as certifying the reliability and reasonableness of the same.

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