Tax disputes

Managing pre-dispute and tax case situations with the Inland Revenue Service.

In this regard the Practice assists its clients from the time of tax audits.

  • Planning the overall defence strategy.
  • Preparing explanatory memorandums.
  • Preparing administrative suspension petitions.
  • Submission of self-protection relief petitions.
  • Setting up investigation proceedings with involvement or by using means to deflate the tax dispute.

In the actual lawsuit phase, the Practice acts as the taxpayer's defence counsel, seeing to:

  • Preparing petitions and related annexures.
  • Integrative and illustrative memorandums.
  • Counter-deduction deeds.
  • Judicial suspension petitions.
  • Setting up of settlement proceedings.
  • Appeal documents.

Taking part in hearings of provincial and regional tax commissions, for both first and second level proceedings, as well as in compliance cases set up to obtain forced execution of the relevant sentences.