International Accounting Standards

Trotter Studio Associato has gained an in-depth knowledge of the IAS over the years, developing specific skills in the process of converting financial accounts prepared according to the national accounting standards, and the new international accounting standards.

The IAS/IFRS consultancy the Practice provides is distinguished by a wide-ranging approach that brings integrated accounting, management and tax skills into play.

Conversion to the IAS/IFRS is implemented on the basis of a planned approach that necessarily begins with an analysis, using specific checklists, of specific accounting areas and the accounting principles adopted, in presenting events within the company.

This is followed by mapping the areas that call for shared solutions to be studied, by company management and auditing bodies as well, in order to evaluate and grasp the organisational, informational and business impact opportunities afforded by the IAS/IFRS.

During the implementation phase of the conversion process, the Practice provides support to both the administrative department and top management, in order to provide its consultancy in relation to:

  • Preparing new financial account schemes that each entity within the company is to adopt in application of the IAS/IFRS.
  • Implementation and updating of evaluation procedures that require coordinated action by accounting and management.
  • The changes required to the information structure that makes it possible to extrapolate data and elements to support evaluations and preparing of financial account notes.
  • The diffusion of knowledge of the new standards by preparing ad hoc accounting procedures for each client.
  • Analysing the tax implications of the different valorisation of the company.

Services provided in the IAS field have seen the Practice involved in various transitions to the new international accounting standards involving companies and groups during quotation, banks, finance houses, and groups in the industrial sector, relating to the preparation of both financial year and consolidated financial accounts.