Generation Handovers

Managing succession within companies and generation handover processes, is one of the main areas of specialisation at Trotter Studio Associato.


Innovative tools are used at the preliminary stage to gain an in-depth overview of both the family and its assets.

The number of family members, degree of relationship, and expectations / motivations of each person involved are analysed, and the extent, composition in terms of quality and location of the assets are evaluated.

This screening process is followed by careful analysis of restrictions imposed by civil discipline, before going on to proposing different solutions in terms of company law, with details of the tax implications of the same.

The Practice uses this basis for seeing to setting up thongs like, family holding companies, heirs' trust, family agreements and rules, separation / optimisation of fixed and moveable assets, not only taking care of the planning phase, but also implementation and legal, company and tax finalisation.